Shashti Devi is sixth incarnation  of Mother Earth hence she is called as Sheshti Devi.Her name is Deva Sena - Consort of  Lord Subramanya Swami ( Kumaraswamy).
She is more very much fond of Children , she protects all children .
It is strongly believed that she always stand beside children and take care of them , and help the be healthy for longevity, and its also believed one who reads,writes and listens  her story will be blessed with children.

Lets get into the story .

Son of Swayambuvu manu named " Priya vathra" He was not interested in the martial relationships thinking  it would create  hurdles in attaining salvation.   he continued to do Penance, Then Lord Brahma appeared in front of him and Asked " Why are you not following your dharma"  you should get married , give your kingdom responsibilities for your son , then you should come to penance  this is Dharma of king but you are not following it . if you do not follow any dharma then you will  have to face miserable consequences in life "  Said Lord Brahma  and Suggested  him to get back to his home and get married with an eligible women for him.
Then Priya putra returned back to home and Selected an eligible bride for him named " Malathi " and  began a fresh and happy martial life.

Though years passed away, they dint have kids. With interference of   Kashyap Muni he performed Putra Kamishti Yagam  then after the yagna was successfull then Malathi Devi was pregnant. but  she gave birth to a dead kid. both Priya vathra and Malathi were saddened and have no limits for their grief. Then Priya putra carried the Dead kid to the Smashan ( Cementry) and put the dead body of the kid and started scolding Deities and Gods . then the Goddess Shasti Devi was passing through  she  stopped  over there.  then the conversation between the Priya vatra and Shasti Devi was as below.

Goddess Deva Sena Meeting Priya vathra

Priya vathra - "  Oh Madam who are you , whats you are name  why are you here , who is your husband , what made you to come here to the place of Dead."
Shasti Devi - " Hey King ,  i am 6 th form of  Creation ,  Daughter of Lord Brahma , being Sixth form of  mother nature  I am called Shashti Devi,  I am consort of Lord Skandha ( Kartikeya/. Subramanya Swami). and my name is Deva Sena.  I came here to just tell few things for you .
  then she started saying as follows :
"Happiness .Sadness,  peace , prosperity, having kids or not having kids, life span of the kids,immortality of kids everything is based on Deeds of parents this is clearly told in Veda called Karmadhinam , and knowing these why are you crying ?"  and she gave life to the dead child started taking the Child with her.
Then Priya vathra asked while he was  weeping " Oh mother ! are you taking child with you ?"
then Goddess Deva Sena  gave the child and named him as Suvrath Told that He would be a good ruler with all kind of skills and would respect Vedas., and would be unbeatable emperor."
then Goddess Deva Sena left that place.

Priya Vathra with tons of Happiness returned back to home with Suvatra and  told the complete story instructed everyone worship Goddess, when ever there is a new born kid everyone should worship shashti Devi on 6 th Day of the new born child. then it became a Custom and practice to worship the goddess.

Then Priya Vathra  Used to pray the goddess as below

 1) Namo Devyai Maha Devyai Sidhyai Santhyai Namo Nama,
Shubhayai Deva Senayai Sashti Devyai Namo Nama

Salutations to the Goddess, to the great Goddess,
To the giver of occult powers and peace, salutations and salutations,
To the pure one who is Deva Sena and to Sashti Devi my salutations.

2) Varadayai, Puthradayai, Dhanadhayai Namo Nama,
Sukhdayai, Mokshdayai, Sashti Devyai Namo Nama.

To the one who gives boons, sons and wealth my salutations,
To the one who gives pleasure and salvation, who is Sashti Devi, my salutations.

3) Srishtyayai, Sashta Swaroopayai Sidhyayai Cha Namo Nama,
Mayayai Sidha Yoginyai, Sashti Devyai Namo Nama.

To the one who creates, who has six fold forms and who is the occult power, my salutations,
To she who is illusion, to the auspicious yogi, who is Sashti Devi, my salutations.

4) Saarayai Saradayai Cha Para Devyai Namo Nama,
Baladishtryai Devyai Cha Sashti Devyai Namo Nama.

To the one who is the essence, the goddess saraswathi and the divine goddess my salutations,
To the one who blesses with sons who is Sashti Devi my salutations.

5) Kalyanadayai Kalyanyai Phaladayai Cha Karmanaam,
Prathyakshyai Sva Bhakthaanam, Sashti Devyai Namo Nama.

To one who is auspicious and does auspicious acts, to one who gives results,
to the devotees in front of them, who is Sashti Devi my salutations.

Goddess Sashti Devi Stotram
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6) Poojyayai Skanda Kanthayai Sarvesham Sarva Karmaasu,
Deva Rakshana Karinyai Sashti Devyai Namo Nama.

To her who is fit to be worshiped, who is the consort of Subrahmanya,
To her who helps all persons in all activities,
To her who protects the devas, who is Sashti devi, my salutations.

7) Shuddha Sathwa Swaroopayai Vandhithyai, Nrunaam Sadaa,
Himsa Krodha Varjithyai, Sashti Devyai Namo Nama.

To her who the pure form of sathwic qualities,
Who is fit to be saluted and who always helps people,
To get rid of violence and anger, who is Sashti devi , my salutations.

8) Dhanam Dehi Priyam Dehi, Puthraan Dehi Sureswari,
Dharmam Dehi, Yaso Dehi, Sashti Devyai Namo Nama.

Give me wealth, give me love, give me sons, Oh Goddess of Devas,
Give me dharma, give me fame, Salutations to Sashti Devi

9) Bhumim Dehi, Prajaam Dehi, Vidhyaam Dehi Supoojithe,
Kalyanam Cha Jayam Dehi, Sashti Devyai Namo Nama.

Give me land , give me progeny , give me knowledge , oh Worshipful one,
Give me auspiciousness, give me victory, Salutations to sashti devi.

  Ithi Devim Cha Samsuthya Lebhe Puthram Priya Vrutha,
Yasavinam Cha Rajendram, Sashti Devi Prasadatha.

Thus praying the goddess Priya Vrutha got sons,
Who were famous and regal by the grace of Sashti devi.

  Sashti Stotram Idham Padan Ya Srunothi Cha Vathsaram,
Aputhro Labhathe Puthraan Varam, Suchira Jeevanam.

If this prayer of Sashti is read or heard for a year,
The childless people will get sons, boons as well as pleasant life

  Varshamekam Cha Ya Bhakthya Samyatedham Srunothi Cha,
Sarva Paapa Vinirmuktha , Maha Vandhya Prasooyathe.

  Vira Puthram Cha Guneenam , Vidhyavantham Yasvinam,
Suchir Ayushmanthameva Sashti Mathru Prasadadath.

If this is heard at length for one full year,
All sins would be destroyed and a women who is barren would give birth,
To a heroic son, with good character and great knowledge ,
Who is pure and with a long life due to blessing of Sashti Matha.

When this Stotra is recited with full of devotion children would be healthy and happy, they dont scared.

Source : - Shri Devi Bhagavatham,  Navama skandham .


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